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About Builders of America’s Future

Builders of America’s Future, an initiative of African Diaspora Network, is an enterprise accelerator program designed to strengthen, energize, and support small businesses and nonprofit organizations led by African diasporans and African-Americans based in the United States.

Adapted from ADN’s Builders of Africa’s Future program that celebrates innovation and impact among early-stage African enterprises, Builders of America’s Future identifies 20 Black business leaders catalyzing an array of sustainable solutions to poverty across multiple sectors at the local and national level. This includes education, healthcare, finance, renewable energy, and connectivity, all of which address essential community needs while spurring sustainable growth.

The program is designed to expand economic pathways and advance entrepreneurial efforts through online and in-person training and mentorship that supports the adaptation and innovations of Black entrepreneurs within the current global pandemic and changing economic climate.

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New Silicon Valley Accelerator Program for Black Entrepreneurs Launched by African Diaspora Network and Key Partners

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