The mission of ADN is to sustainably serve its constituencies, marketplace, and partners. This is inextricably linked to engaging the African diaspora through an ethics of care, enhancing their well-being in their adopted homelands, and facilitating their strategic involvement in the development of Africa.
ADN’s vision is to activate capital from the African diaspora and friends of Africa for the development of Africa and communities around the world. We aim to be the global leader in diaspora philanthropy, investment, and innovation.
Since our founding in 2010, we have been gradually building a network which permits us to harness the global intellectual capacity of Africans in the Diaspora and friends of Africa in order to promote business and economic development across the continent and the communities in which we live.
“The IDP Foundation strongly believes in supporting social entrepreneurs that create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. The African Diaspora Network shares this mission by playing a pivotal role in connecting African social entrepreneurs to impact investors to form partnerships to make a difference on the continent. We are proud to support ADN in their efforts to strengthen the economic and social development across Africa.”

IDP Foundation

“I leave you with this thought… a thought that always brings a smile, even a chuckle to my face in my most lucid moments. Imagine the indomitable spirit and flair of the real African imagination being consistently brought to bear on serious science & technology development on a grand & global scale. It’s my belief that we shall usher in an age of abundance & vibrancy hitherto unseen at any point in human history…for the survival of the species, it’s a must! The numbers bear me witness. The African diaspora must lead the way as we’ve done in other spheres. It shall be tough as hell but let us begin – again & again…!”

Osh Agabi, Founder & CEO, Kineku

“Every time I am at ADN, I see a new future for Africa. ADN is the place to find talents and boldness of entrepreneurs, the articulate passion and compassion for a continent that deserves be seen and heard in new ways. ADN forums are an experience that no other person can tell you about. You experience it and you know you have arrived at a place where Africans are proud of their talents and confident to be global players offering hospitality to all global citizens to use two days to focus on Africa! “

Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro,

former CEO, Global Fund for Women and ADN Founding Board