Diaspora Conversations Podcast


Hosted by Dr. Flo Falayi, Founder, The Hybrid Leadership Institute

The Diaspora Conversations Podcast is a partnership between the African Diaspora Network and The Hybrid Leadership Institute curated to bring personal, transparent, authentic story of different people in the diaspora to your smart phone, tablet and computer! These conversations are filled with real experiences, lessons, challenges, failures and successes.

In this monthly podcast, you will learn from leaders, business experts, entrepreneurs, change agents, educators and other diverse voices making a difference in their communities, in the diaspora and across the globe. With fresh, actionable and inspiring content, the Diaspora Conversations Podcast is the perfect resource for everyone.

Featured Podcast Episodes  

Listen to Episode 001: Almaz Negash with Flo Falayi

About This Episode

In this episode, listen to Dr. Flo interview Mrs. Almaz Negash on how a movement starts, the power of an idea and going with multiplying effect of the right people and networks. Furthermore, listen in on some of the critical lessons of engagement and making a difference.

People On This Episode:

IMG_5237Flo Falayi (Host)
Organizational Leadership Consultant & Coach, Founder, The Hybrid Leadership Institute




Almaz NegashAlmaz Negash
Social Entrepreneur, Change Agent & Founder, African Diaspora Network

About Dr. Falay:

Dr. Flo is a PhD-trained organizational leadership consultant and the Founder of The Hybrid Leadership Institute focused on enabling, training and coaching leaders and next generation global and African leaders. Dr. Flo commonly referred to as The Hybrid Leader™- is an American Born, British Educated, and Nigerian Raised Scholar, Educator, and Author.

Flo is a YALE Scholar, Fellow of the Institute of Information Management and certified Project Management Professional. As an Organizational Leadership Consultant & Coach, he advises, coaches and mentors leaders and organizations on how to succeed and as an International Speaker, he addresses the salient barriers to excellence and success in life.

For more on Dr. Flo, visit www.flofalayi.com or follow on Twitter @FloFalayi